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Complete production quality Jini™ environment to get started with Jini. Includes Seven 0.1, a build environment with examples for creating Jini services, a Jini service browser and documentation.

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The Cheiron (pronounce keye-ron) project creates and maintains Open Source projects related to Jini™ Technology.

While often touted for its simplicity and elegance, Jini™ still requires a lot of plumbing to write a compliant service/client and even the most experienced developer has difficulties to get it right all the time. Therefore the projects are mainly focused on standardizing the way Jini™ services are deployed and to ease the creation of services compliant to the Jini™ Technology Specifications, as well as providing some common utilities and tools.

Current status

Main activities are around the Jini™ Service Container (JSC) Specification and a compliant implementation called Seven for which you can find the roadmap here.

Seven is also provided as part of the Seven Suite, providing you with a complete Jini environment that should get starters up to speed. This suite contains the complete Jini infrastructure and is positioned as an alternative for the Jini™ Technology Starter Kit, by many considered a climb too steep. It is our goal to lower the barriers for Jini as we believe that with the proper tooling and frameworks Jini can be the ultimate tool for solving distributed computing problems.

10th Jini Community Meeting, Brussels

Mark Brouwer presented at the 10th Jini Community Meeting in Brussels "Jini across the Firewall" that demonstrated the problems one faces with using Jini over the Internet and the solutions that have been developed as part of the Cheiron project. Much discussion took place afterwards and based on the positive feedback the Cheiron project is going to bring these solutions to Apache River project currently in incubation at the ASF.