Seven is the 'reference' implementation of the Jini™ Service Container Specification that eases the development and deployment of Jini™ services and provides features such as:

  • manage service registration with various lookup services;
  • support for distributed events, leasing and participation in the two-phase commit protocol, these can be persisted for 'persistent' services allowing for crash recovery;
  • administration interfaces for life-cycle and join management to a service;
  • simple persistence API that can be used e.g. to capture transactional state;
  • finding and tracking other services in the djinn;
  • resource management such as allocating threads and leased resources;
  • resource efficiency by employing various tactics to reduce the number of threads used by many of the Jini implementation classes;
  • service configuration, like the RMI runtime, (distributed) security, logging and configuration of objects used by the service itself;
  • controlling codebase annotation and serving download jar files, as well as versioning of services and downloadable code;
  • standardized packaging format (Service Archive) for Jini services, see JSC Service Repository;
  • installation and upgrade of a service and container, services can be upgraded without bringing the container down and changes to mobile code will propagate through the network;
  • complete security support for SSL and Kerberos, also for the discovery protocols;
  • role based access control for remote method invocations and for authorization decisions within your JSC Service code;
  • all aspects of security are dynamically (re)configurable so your environment can adapt to new trust relationships;
  • container can be configured through a Jini administration interface even the security aspects and service configuration data, this enables you create very dedicated provisioning solutions on top of Seven;
  • persistency is implemented based on top of a reliable high performance transactional storage engine for which data is checksummed and provides crash recovery with zero maintenance, tuning for various QoS aspects is possible.

The Seven Suite is Seven together with additional tools, examples, manuals, source code and should provide you an out-of-the-box experience with Jini™.

The JSC Platform that is part of Seven that incorporates many Jini Community Standards is mainly based upon code implemented by the Jini™ team at Sun Microsystems (Jini™ Technology Starter Kit) and for which the continued development takes place at the Apache River project.

Note: for those looking for documentation for Seven please see the manual section.

Seven v0.1.2

The Seven v0.1.2 release is the latest stable release, older releases in the v0.1 branch can be obtained through Perforce. Don't be scared by the version number, it has been in active development for over a period of 5 years and went through 2 major reimplementations, but currently the version number is correlated to the version number of the JSC Specification it implements. The next release that will implement all Jini security features will be version 1.0:

Seven API

Source and binary code download [1]

Seven upgrader SAR file download [1]

The Seven upgrader SAR file allows you to upgrade any previous version of Seven to the latest version without going through the dreadful process of a fresh install and installing and configuration of your current installation. The upgrader will also update your deployment configuration on the fly when there is a need to. More information about the upgrade process and requirements can be found in the Installation Guide.

Seven Suite v0.1.2

The Seven Suite v0.1.2 provides an out-of-the-box experience for Jini™ and is especially targeted at newbies for the Jini™ Technology/Seven. It contains the following components:

  • standalone Seven with Lookup Service implementation installed and configured;
  • standalone Jini Service Browser with ServiceUI support;
  • suite specific material such as:
    • Transaction Manager and JavaSpaces service as SAR file;
    • pre-built example services as SAR files;
    • Ant and various Ant extensions to ease the development of Jini services;
    • binary code for JSC Platform, other standardized Jini utilities, ServiceUI and Cheiron Utils;
    • source code for examples;
    • source code for Seven, JSC Lookup Service, JSC Transaction Manager Service, JSC JavaSpace and the JSC Platform for the purpose of debugging and troubleshooting;
    • Installation and Developer Guide, contains information about configuration of Seven;
    • Javadoc for the JSC Platform and other relevant libraries that are distributed as part of this suite.

Seven Suite download [1]

Weekly builds

At 05:30 UTC on Monday a weekly build takes place that reflects changes that might get into the next stable release, which will be Seven v1.0 that implements the upcoming JSC Specification v1.0. Only in case modifications have been encountered since the last build the outcome of this build will be available through this website:

Seven API

Source and binary code download [1]

The weekly builds won't create a Seven Suite, only for the official release builds a Suite is created and uploaded.

[1] Apache License, Version 2.0 is effective for the downloads